Manage your services,  applications, infrastructure and clusters Visually, yet securely

Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes, modern applications, and open-source tools are advanced and effective. But, managing them requires a high level of system administration or DevOps knowledge. That is where Thaalam comes in handy with a visual experience to deploy, manage, and monitor them with an intuitive approach, just like IDEs and GUIs.

Manage and Control cost with Hybrid and Multi-cloud

Monopoly cloud providers become expensive and vendor-locking over time. Thaalam helps you to be independent and helps to control cost through easily manageable hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud functionalities.

Deploy your applications and open-source frameworks in few clicks

Thaalam focuses on reducing overhead and administrative efforts involved in moving towards modern technology trends. Thaalam aims to provide “a few click deployment” through a visual experience. The heavy lifting behind the scenes is handled by Thaalam to save your energy, effort, time, and cost. However, unlike vendor locking cloud solutions, Thaalam aims to provide transparency over background automation.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Do not get lost in your multi-cloud journey, or Do not wait for a better time to move towards modernization. Your brain has the vision; you just need an organizer. Thaalam assists you there.

Track your Cloud Infrastructure

You can create, update, monitor and mange your multiple cloud provider resources from a single application

Monitor Proactively

Set thresholds, monitor and visualize your cloud infrastructure and data centers with different perspectives.

Manage worldwide data centers

To meet your regional data demands, you can create cloud resources world wide from a single application

Access Management

Be in control of your resources through  proven Access management standards and strategies.

Secure information access

Store your secrets, API tokens with high standards of encryption and cryptography approaches.

Organized Multi-Cloud Federation

Organize Multi-cloud resources to be in control of Cloud providers and infrastructure.

Cost control

Estimate before resource creation, and constantly monitor the usage after creating. Get rescale recommendations.

Label you infrastructure

Label your cloud infrastructure and group them to organize, filter, manage and present to various stakeholders.

Scheduled Events and alerts

Schedule cloud resources up and down times, reports, alerts and application deployment.

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