Valued technology partner by helping businesses

to transform digitally, automate and control the cost of Cloud and IT landscape while improving security measures and operational efficiency.

Cloud and IT Challenges faced by businesses

Automation and Monitoring

Cloud Transformation, IT modernization, Application development and technology adoption without crashing existing business operations.


Progressing to next-generation IT and using cloud without compromising security parameters, regulations, policies, and legal enforcement.

Reduce and Control Cost

Finding ways to reduce Cloud and IT costs while increasing operational efficiency through modern technology trends and automation.

Vendor lock-in

Modernizing IT landscape with Cloud and DevSecOps but without being locked to a specific cloud-vendor or technology provider.

How can we help?

Customizable Solution accelerators for Cloud / Digital / cutting-edge technology transformation to address specific business needs.
Automation and reproducible environments through code and configurations improving efficiency in-terms of GitOps, DevSecOps, high availability and disaster recovery.
Reduced costs with improved development and operational efficiency through Automation.
Standardized Security solutions through code and configurations which can be
tailored to suit custom requirements, regulations and policy enforcement.

What we do?

Cloud Architecture, Security, Strategy and implementation
Infrastructure as Code, GitOps and DevSecOps
Microservices Architecture, Strategy and implementation
End to end Application 
development with
technology stack


All I had was an idea and SpeelYaal brought it to life. Because I don’t have a technical background they provided advice about which software, frameworks and vendors were the best and what mistakes I should avoid. Then they set it all up on the cloud and got it working with great care and at an affordable price. Their company was looking out for my best interests like a doctor our lawyer would do. They guided me through the whole process from A to Z. I would recommend SpeelYaal to anyone who seeks top quality programmers with great integrity and quality.

– Logan Clements

CEO of FastUsers Co., Ltd.