Enterprise Computing Made Easy

SpeelYaal focuses on delivering best-in-class experience in Multi-cloud, Data Independence, Managing Modern technology trends, IT Cost Control, Bridging the gap between the modern and legacy infrastructure and many more through multiple Horizontal SaaS platforms and on-demand add-ons approach.


Products to transform

Focusing on Multiple SaaS Platforms to enable modernization without losing the legacy and experience.


Innovation is our accelerator to deliver SaaS platforms to manage complex IT problems with more intuitive ways

Modern Enterprise Computing

Multi-Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, DevSecOps, AI,  Internet of Things, and many more come handy

Thaalam is SpeelYaal's  first modern enterprise computing, Horizontal SaaS platform focusing on Multi-cloud, DevSecOps, Faster application Delivery, Cost Estimation and Control, Kubernetes, Docker and many more

Multi-cloud made easy

Muti-cloud with only monopoly providers is not truly a multi-cloud solution. Thaalam Focuses on various cloud providers from different regions of the world to meet the global and regional demands.

Control Cost with Multi-cloud

To Control Cost you don’t have to move away from cloud. Thaalam federates your cloud experience with multiple cloud providers. It also helps you to manage your existing IT infrastructure as cloud.

Deploy Applications with ease

You do not need to type hundreds of commands to build and deploy applications and tools. Thaalam provides you a nice click through experience for the complete DevSecOps cycle.

Being in your control

Modern technology trends are there to enable you to be modern, focus more on your business, and less on other overheads. However, being in control of the cost and independence was, is, and will be a mandate for the leaders. SpeelYaal’s Multi-Product approach helps you address the problems you face in terms of modern technology trends, bridging the gaps between legacy vs. modern applications, avoiding vendor lock-in, and being in control of cost and independence without losing the flavors of technology trends.

Being Collaborative and Attentive

SpeelYaal’s Horizontal SaaS Products and solutions are collaborative in nature.  More Visual approach and Proactive monitoring ability of the platforms and solutions alert you when needed. This helps you to be more attentive.